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“Better Times Ahead” is a true life, action adventure story. It’s about re-invention and fits what is happening today globally and in America. An ordinary American grows up on a farm but finds himself in a series of  events that Indiana Jones might encounter. The title Better Times Ahead April Fool comes from a sign Michael Fjetland (pronounced “Fetland”) once saw at 2 a.m in Bombay India riding hellbent in the back of a taxi after he became a Fortune 500 negotiator. He even flew the supersonic Concorde (“Better Times Ahead!”) — before being laid off and losing it all (“April fool!”). Then he got it back. The lay off led to a book which led to a 911 TV spot as a terrorism analyst.

It ends with “Agenda for American Greatness” – a FREE chapter on solutions for America to win the 21st century global high tech economy in a dangerous, unpredictable world – from the view of the author who has been in nearly 50 countries over 30 years from Fortune 500 to entrepreneur….

Illustrated with author photos. See changes in USA, China, India, etc. over the last 30 years.

Chapter 1 – Toto, This Sure Ain’t Kansas
Chapter 2 – Nostradamus Never Predicted This
Chapter 3 – The Layoff: Night Train from Shanghai
Chapter 4 – Broke in Bangkok
Chapter 5 – Time Travel, Jet Lag and African Voodoo
Chapter 6 – Indiana Jones Never Tried This
Chapter 7 – Is This East Texas or the Middle East?
Chapter 8 – Predicting 9/11 and Running Against  “The Hammer”
Chapter 9 – Agenda for American Greatness

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  • Mike has been there, seen it for himself, and is not afraid to tell it like he saw it. The tale is told in words I can understand, with pictures to back up the words. I recommend this book to liberals and conservatives with enough sense to know the truth is always somewhere in the middle, and that no one is all good or all bad.

    Ron S.
  • Fjetland presents some good arguments for changing the way we view the world but there are a few comments that indicate he thinks everyone should be able to fend for themselves. Lots of good information about the world mixed with his autobiography.

    Charles F.
  • This book is brilliant, very informative and educational while entertaining throughout. It should be mandatory reading for all high school/college students. Mr. Fjetland’s vast intelligence and experience working in over 90 countries since the early 80’s gives the reader first hand knowledge of the internal workings of these countries and how they interact with the USA on many issues and levels. There is not one boring paragraph in this book. I highly recommend it to everyone. You will love it.

    Janet O.


As a legal entrepreneur Michael was kidnapped in East Texas after his planes electrical system failed,performed a gender switch to avoid international gangsters in Amsterdam, negotiated a child kidnapping case in Syria for a Texas mom, and traveled to strange places around the world from the Great Wall of China to the pyramids of Egypt. He was “kicked out” of the Nile Hilton to make room for Pres. Carter’s peace mission, the first between Israel and an Arab country. He predicted 9/11 on TV and as a terrorism analyst opposed the Iraq war. He ran for Congress against one of the most powerful Congressmen of his time, until that rep (Tom DeLay) resigned in disgrace.

From African voodoo on a wild oil deal, aggressive girls in Rio, to road trips through Central America and Mexico, time wrap around the world with Michael for a vicarious adventure few ever get to experience.

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Above photos: Two scenes Better Times Ahead

(Left) Michael Fjetland, Terrorism Analyst on 911 and (Right) as
Volunteer Pilot for Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary)”

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2 years ago

Better Times Ahead: April Fool

fyiIt's been CRAZY days trying to manage the back log and work flow, THEN I saw this! We were asked to quote on a school in Galveston. When i got there I found out why.

About 9 years ago we did a quote for the same school. They picked someone else. Whoever got the job cheated. The film they used was NOT 8 mil security film like ours, but 2 mil cheap solar film that has ZERO security.

The contractor apparently hoped to cover his fraud by applying the frame bonding that is required to anchor it to the frame, so it doesn't fall out of the frame upon impact. Well, the bonding was so BAD that it didn't even cover the film, which is why it peeled up on the corners like this, exposing the dirty little secret (if you cheat people will eventually find out)...

Be sure WHO you pick for a contractors!. Armor Glass always uses certified films and professional installers. Others are under- cutting our price by offering junk like this, hoping to be long gone when the owner discovers the fraud....Don't fall for the cons.

Don't leave home without Armor Glass protection on your weakest link. It matters.
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2 years ago

Better Times Ahead: April Fool

FYI...How Trump is embracing the destruction of democracy by a dictator in Turkey, the country that links Europe and Asia...on the border of Syria...As Turkey's leader assumes dictatorial powers and has been moving Turkey away from its tradition of secularism towards more of an Islamist (religion-based law) country, Trump congratulations him...!! (To its credit the State Dept wasn't so thrilled).

At the SAME time Ivanka Trump is on Twitter touting the new TRUMP ISTANBUL Hotel...

Talk about a Conflict of Interest! A president looks the other way from dictatorship as long as he personally profits from ventures in that country.

This has NEVER happened before. Never before has a president had a global business with so many conflicts of interest that put democracy in the backseat to one man's profits...

Trump got MILLIONS from Putin's crooked oligarch buddies hiding their cash by buying Trump's overpriced real estate. I have been a global negotiator. Our economy has zillions of players, small and large. In Russia, Putin's buddies control every industry - it is run by 100's not millions, of people. Russia works like the old 3rd world country model like Mexico giving two guys total control over their telecommunications industry (which is why phone calls are so expensive in Mexico).

Trump is turning America into a oligarchy when his daughter sits with the Chinese president at dinner the same day her company got 3 trademarks awarded in China!

Now a TrumpTurkey Hotel is more important than democracy in this critical country that has long been the bridge between Europe and Asia...

I've been there (photos on the Global American facebook page). In southern Turkey I visited the grave of St. John, the one buried from the bible (yep, in turkey). Saw the last place where the biblical Virgin Mary lived. You see, Turkey has both Muslim and Christian elements.

Erdogen is moving Turkey as backward as Trump is the USA> after last year's coup attempt he even arrested court officials and lawyers. It was bizarre. We are cultivating another Osama bin laden, religion-fueled cesspool in Turkey by allowing him to remain in office until 2029!

To be continued...
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