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“Better Times Ahead” is a true life, action adventure story. It’s about re-invention and fits what is happening today globally and in America. An ordinary American grows up on a farm but finds himself in a series of  events that Indiana Jones might encounter. The title Better Times Ahead April Fool comes from a sign Michael Fjetland (pronounced “Fetland”) once saw at 2 a.m in Bombay India riding hellbent in the back of a taxi after he became a Fortune 500 negotiator. He even flew the supersonic Concorde (“Better Times Ahead!”) — before being laid off and losing it all (“April fool!”). Then he got it back. The lay off led to a book which led to a 911 TV spot as a terrorism analyst.

Illustrated with author photos. See changes in USA, China, India, etc. over the last 30 years.

Chapter 1 – Toto, This Sure Ain’t Kansas
Chapter 2 – Nostradamus Never Predicted This
Chapter 3 – The Layoff: Night Train from Shanghai
Chapter 4 – Broke in Bangkok
Chapter 5 – Time Travel, Jet Lag and African Voodoo
Chapter 6 – Indiana Jones Never Tried This
Chapter 7 – Is This East Texas or the Middle East?
Chapter 8 – Predicting 9/11 and Running Against  “The Hammer”
Chapter 9 – Agenda for American Greatness

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